Saturday, September 26, 2009

Match Game Live is back!

TOMORROW! - SUNDAY, SEPT. 27 - Match Game Live is back! We've got some of New Yorks funniest writers, comedians, and improvisers, coming down to the Bowery Poetry Club. Plus there will be $2 PBRs to knock back. Come on down and match the stars!

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Match Game Live has had a refreshing summer break full of Quaaludes and disco music. All summer we remained perched precariously near the edge of a pool of our own vomit. And we are relieved to be going back to work for you, our lovely audience and contestants. Village Voice big shot Michael Musto returns to the fold along with Sara Benincasa, Jessica Delfino, and hilarious newcomers Joe Garden, John DeVore, and Claudia Cogan.

We ask contestants to match the panel by supplying the missing word from an innuendo-loaded sentence. Contestants will be selected from the audience to compete for fabulous prizes. Come play a game of wordplay and humor while laughing your blank off.

Your hilarious celebutard panelists for September:
Michael Musto (Village Voice)
Sara Benincasa (Sirius Radio,, MTV)
John Devore (,
Claudia Cogan (HereTV, Logo,
Joe Garden (The Onion, The New Vampire's Handbook)
Jessica Delfino (Good Morning America, Fox News)
hosted by Ben Lerman (Sirius Radio, HereTV)

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