Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For Love or Country

I'm loving every single song on Time Magazine's List of the "Top 10 Ridiculous Country Songs." (*With the exception of "She Thinks My Tractor Is Sexy," though the title is funny.) These are almost all comedy songs, and the videos star comic actors like Jason Alexander and Rob Schneider.

Most country music—and here lies a strong tie to hip-hop—is a story-telling medium. It's the lyrics that move the music and not the other way around. I love a good story song, the more absurd, the better. I mean it's no secret that I love a certain Riskay song.

Though they skipped Toby Keith's "You Ain't Much Fun (Since I Quit Drinkin')" that's the type of country song they picked. But some of country's most hilarious stories are the gut-twistin' tales of Appalachia's most downtrodden souls. One of my favorites is Reba's "Fancy":

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