Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sweet serendipity

Sometimes you stumble into the right place at the right time and something unexpected and good happens. Really. No, really. Tonight, I walked into Sweet at the Slipper Room, Seth Herzog's long-running, well-respected, well-attended comedy show on the Lower East Side. It always attracts top talent, and I just went in to watch a great comedy show. I said hello to Seth, and he asked me to fill in for a last-minute cancellation. I accepted immediately, and got to share a bill with Seth, Baron Vaughn, and Todd Barry. Oh, and Seth's mom (who appears in every show, this time as sidekick). It was unexpected and good. See? I told you. These things happen sometimes. I have a crush on Seth's mom because someone in the audience mentioned narwhal whales and she explained that they have unicorn-like horns that they rub together as foreplay before making whale babies. And she raised Seth, who seems like a real mensch to me. Well done, Mama Herzog.

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