Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Black Mess" - If only Edith Massey were still alive!

The only way this song and video would make sense is if John Waters directed it and he sent Edith Massey streaking across the screen in a pleather two-piece. Crossover, a vaguely German band via Portland, Oregon, strikes all the hilariously wrong moves with their new release "Black Mess," landing them squarely in the "so bad it's good" pleasure center of my brain.

Lyrics: "You're not magical / You're a zombie/ Eat your cell phone / So fuck you!" Be sure to hang in there for the Metal-hands MONEY SHOT at 3:02. The disappointingly brief vomit scene (he's puking up his own disgust for society) happens just before at 2:51. Thank you, Crossover for this refreshingly horrible delight!

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