Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Edinburgh - Settling in, on the radio

Pics: (Top to bottom) 1 Mike Amato rests his face on the attic kitchen at LeithFM. 2 Jessica Delfino sets up shop in her princess bed. 3 View of Nicholson St. from a double-decker bus. 4 You can see Arthur's seat from our window. 5 Jessica Delfino flips us off as she ascends the staircase to stardom.

Jessica, Mike, and I are settling in to our Edinburgh flat. We just had our first family meeting and I'm happy to report that no one was stabbed. I know what you're thinking: Doesn't sound like a family meeting, then! We all have mutual respect and admiration for each other here in the house, and that makes living together much easier. Still, I'm melting my toothbrush into a shiv, sleeping with it under my piloow — just in case.

Last night, all three of us were guests on LeithFM, an all volunteer-run radio station, to promote our shows. Our hosts, Annabel and Jonathan were very cool. On Friday, Annabel is going to take me out to some hotspots. Oh, and Leith, a village to the north of Edinburgh (incorporated?) is the hom of Irvine Welsh, setting for Trainspotting. Dead babies, start your ceiling-crawling!

My venue is tiny teensy tiny... and awesome! Café Renroc will fill pretty quickly, needing only an audience of 10 to make it seem full. The best part of the situation is the owners, Jane and Billy, and their staff. Billy is Glaswegian and I can't understand a fucking thing he says. Well, I'm starting to. Billy and Jane are both massage therapists, and attatched to the café is their health spa. As a welcome gift to me, they bought me a massage with one of their staff therapists, a 6'2" blond Norwegian woman named Evie.

Our first shows are tomorrow. Time to make the Haggis!

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