Thursday, August 13, 2009

Full shows, Nutso Girl Duo, Climb Every Mountain (Drunk)

Back in it to win it
Since the family debacle on Monday, my shows have been back to being full, with warm, receptive, age-appropriate crowds. I have to figure out how to shake a few more shekels out of these people for tips and merch, but the Scots are renowned for their cheapness, only following my people, the Jews, on the cheap fucker hierarchy. Still, they have been fairly generous, I just need a way to communicate to them what is a reasonable amount to tip. I'll let you know how that goes...

Warren & Hannery
I saw an amazingly cuckoo girl duo's show, Jennifer Warren and Charlotte Hannery. Both very talented at singing and clowning, comic dancing, and vagina jokes. What more can you want in a show? I'll tell you. Their show starts at 12:15 AM, and I suspect they regularly collect a fair amount of drunks at each performance. When I saw it, there was a crazy Asian-Scottish lady sitting next to me in the front row. She laughed so hard that she litterally fell over onto the floor. She then proceded to steal the show for a few minutes while Jennifer Warren had to try to go on with the show. It's the mark of seasoned performer who can incorporate those kind of shennanigans into a show and keep on trucking. Well played.

Arthur's Seat
From the window of our apartment, we have been looking at a mountain (ok, a large cliff or hill) every day and night. And last night, at 3 AM, we set out to climb it, armed with a bottle of cheap wine, a few beers, and a small makeshift candle lantern. We made to the top for sunrise and no one died. The end. Epilogue: no one ever found out why Jessica Delfino chose to dress like a refugee.

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