Friday, August 21, 2009

Review #2: Four stars! "A truly sick and perverted individual... not to be missed!"

From Scotsgay Magazine
Ben Lerman’s Size Matters
Laughing Horse @ Café Renroc

Ben Lerman plays the ukulele. Oh yes, he does indeed. Passing well, too. He is also a truly sick and perverted individual performing songs that I feel sure he neither learned nor sang at mother's knee (unless he had an extremely tolerant mother). His pleasant singing voice combines with the product of considerable manual dexterity on his small but perfectly formed instruments to fill the converted subterranean bakery that adjoins Renroc's famed Rusty Water
Department. The cubby New Yorker sings of things he knows: love, loss, pirates, chubby chasers, online dating and much more... And has the intimate space rocking with not inconsiderable mirth. It's the intimacy which makes it work. And why he should be confined to the small stage - if not a padded cell. Contains strong language: not suitable for trendy bisexuals, vegetarians or the politically correct. Enter this open sewer with an open mind! As Edinburghers oft say of the last omnibus of the evening: not to be missed! —John Hein

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