Monday, August 17, 2009

Ladybygs and Funerals

I saw two friends' shows today, my first "day off" since we started on the 6th. I went to meet a friend for an afternoon drink, then stressed about how things were going, then finally relaxed and saw two shows. My rating system is much like Reverend Jen's Antislam rating system. The judges always give the performance a 10.

Ladybug Warrior (Judges: 10!)
This is Vicki Ferrentinos' one-woman show. She explains how she ended up with a philosophy of living the life she chooses through playing a variety of characters from her life experiences, her dad, her mom, her early childhood crush. I laughed a lot, loved the show. There is something so immediately likeable about Vicki, self-aware of her Oprah-losphophizing and giggling at her own superpowers.

The Funeralogues (Judges: 10!)
Stacy Mayer plays many characters at a funeral, her 10-year old self, a southern storefront funeral director, an elderly civil rights movemnet era old man. Are they all dead? Are we all dead? The show is theatrical and open. Stacy's performance includes a lot of improv with audience members and their reactions to being at a funeral, wondering who's funeral it is that we're at... What would you want your funeral to be like? Really enjoyed the show.

Afterward I hung out with a cute boy and his merry band of 20-something thespians. They are a cast of 7 or 8 all living some sort of Big Brother scenario in a house somewhere round these parts. Tomorrow I'm doing two variety shows before my solo show, then going to try to see a show called "Misery Eats Company" by Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting, Kate and Leah.

I'm going to try to catch shows by Matt Kirschen, Carolyn Castiglia, Desiree Burch, Kurt and Kristen, and some other funny people. Also this week is Annabel Cooper's birthday party and some other fun things to do...

Get an agent? Let the agents come to me.

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